Anchor Yourself in the Present

When you find yourself paralyzed with indecision, what can you do? Anchor yourself in the present.

One definition of paralysis is “a loss of control, feeling or function.” And the most common scenario in which we find ourselves paralyzed is when we’re required to make a decision: there are too many details or not enough,and there’s not enough time to make a good one. Where does it go wrong?

Control .Your control is affected when you can’t settle on a course of action, or you have no idea or clue what to do, either in that moment or the next. Why? Sudden emergencies (as if there’s any other kind), or too many demands and issues vying for your attention –all at the same time– and you freeze. So what do you do?

Breathe, step back, and anchor yourself.

Take time to compose yourself and drum up some questions. If you’re familiar with the 5 points of journalism (who, what, when, where and how) throw them in: What’s going on? Who needs help, with what, when and how? Move on: How important it it? Should you handle it, or can someone else do it? When’s the deadline?

Keep asking questions. The more you find out, the more data you have to work with that clarifies the situation, and you get starting points to spur you to action.

Another great help is to have a clear set of priorities and linked daily goals. When you have both you can build on your goals, structure your workday around your priorities, and use both as a compass to guide you in rough waters. It also makes your day easier if you set things up so that common interruptions or issues can be filtered out — whether you use technology (think voice-mail and spam/in-box filters, to start) or routines (“A place for everything and everything in its place,” simplifies morning preparations enormously.)

Feeling .When you’re stressed, you feel besieged or beleaguered with demands. All the voices in your head telling you you SHOULD. All the voices outside your head saying ME, ME, ME, OVER HERE. It’s especially hard when you’re at a vulnerable moment –you’re tired, distracted, hungry or sleepy.

Take a break, go for a walk, get your heart pumping and your blood oxygenated. Make or have a quiet place, somewhere close — go to it, have people respect it by being clear about your intentions to re-connect with yourself. Have a calming ritual.

Function . We’ve seen this in personal computing — the whole shebang freezes, overloading at just that one app, that one click, and somehow there wasn’t enough RAM to handle the hiccup. Again, step back, breathe, anchor. Asses, break down and prioritize the mess that’s demanding your attention. Work your way down the priority list. Use real focus and single-task. If it’s still too much, ask for help. Don’t bully through the mess alone.

Here’s a short list of what you can say to buy yourself more time to collect yourself:

YES, NO, Not right now, Later maybe.
What’s the real issue here?
Let me think about that. In the meantime: a) what do you suggest we do in response? b) can you get more data before we talk again about it?
What are the concerns of the team regarding this issue? What do they need to resolve it on their level? When they do this, when can we expect it to change?
Let someone else handle that, they should know where it needs help, they made it./ That’s their responsibility let them come up with a solution to address it.
I need time to think about it. We can’t force the issue at this point. Let’s wait and see.
It’s not that important, let go. Your time is better spent on your high-value issues.

Can Past Lives Heal Your Present Relationships?

Have you ever wondered why you may be experiencing conflict in your relationships, or why a situation plays itself out over and over in your life, without any resolution in sight? Or even, why you have certain behaviours you know you would prefer not to have, but cannot seem to stop them? Welcome to past lives!

Though some people do not believe in past lives, or are too frightened to “go there”, others have had experiences that confirm them to be very real. Past lives are not for the faint-hearted and a level of emotional and mental maturity is required in order to cope with what one may find.

A friend of mine felt silenced by her husband. Each time she tried to voice her own opinion on a certain topic, he would walk out or refuse to listen to her. She would feel hatred and rage towards him and she kept feeling devalued. The same scenario kept being played out for several months with the same result.

One day, instead of carrying the rage and hatred around with her all day and trying to distract herself, she became curious as to why this pattern kept repeating itself and decided to sit with her feelings.

She allowed herself to expand the rage and hatred she was feeling and sincerely asked to be shown the real reason she was going through this experience in order to heal this issue.

She started seeing an image of herself in a closed coffin, being buried alive, and she then became aware that outside and a little further away, stood her husband in this lifetime, and he had been the one who had ordered her to be silenced by being buried alive!

Finally, she understood why she reacted with rage and hatred toward him every time he tried to silence her.

Her body was reliving this past life memory and now she had gotten to the bottom of it. Her lesson, that she had not learnt that lifetime, which is why this issue was playing out in her present life, was that she had not forgiven him and now it was time to do so.

A little more work was left to do before she could forgive him and as she asked to be shown why he had had her buried alive, she saw that he had his orders to do so and was just following through, because he knew no better.

Realising why he had acted as he did allowed her to forgive him and clear this issue between them, even without him realising it. He had actually helped her grow personally and spiritually through this by being the catalyst for her own healing.

Past lives can be very beneficial in relationships as a way to help each other heal and grow together.

Use the Art of Presentation – Use Digital Magazines to Ensure Success in Your Business

Information is an asset that can help overcome uncertainty and open new avenues for opportunity and when it is distributed with the speed of the internet it really giver you a power to use it in your favor. In the times when digital publishing is taking its toll in our lives, with every now and then we deal with some kind of digital publication, giving and receiving information has become fairly easy and we are able to use information on time to really get the benefits of the power of information. Whether it is to read news paper on internet or to read a digital magazine, taking help from a virtual catalog or experiencing the power of in formation we are depending on digital publication to cater our needs.

Digital publication has revolutionized our lives when we not only are able to protect our valuable trees but also are able to share our sorrows and joys with the whole world. Equipped with page flip effect, a digital magazine is doing wonders in our life when not only individuals but also the success of many businesses depends on the art of presentation.

The Flip pages of a digital magazine are the real mean that bring liveliness to the digital magazine, liveliness that symbolizes warmth and joy in our life, the factors important for our lives and social well being. No doubt digital media has brought closeness in our life and filled our life with colors of joy where we are free to express our feelings and are able to use the power of publication to express our experience, opinion, and emotion that still are the important aspects of our lives no matter how technical is our today’s life.

Exhibition Graphics Are an Ideal Way to Present Your Business and Products

In this article we will examine how to use exhibition graphics and roll-up banner systems as a marketing tool for the products and services supplied by your business.

7 points on how to use exhibition graphics to present your business and products better.

Book your business a stand at a relevant trade fair. This is a great way to reach a target market.
Go to an professional exhibition graphics company in order to design the framework of your stand. This will help to make it look professional. They will be able to provide large posters, exhibition panels, a roll-up banner system or even pop-up exhibition stands.
Plan for the trade fair. Decide which employees you would like to have on the stand to represent you. It might be advisable to choose the most sales-focused ones. You will also need to decide whether you will be selling products or services, or simply handing out promotional material.
If you will be selling, consider which stock you will use and whether you will be able to offer any promotions in order to bring the customers to your stand.
If you are handing out promotion material, make sure this has all been prepared professionally in advance. As with the exhibition graphics, professional handouts will reflect a professional operation.
Attend the fair early to try to get a good position. Ensure that your exhibition graphics are displayed prominently in order to create the most attention. Try to talk to as many people as possible.
It is all about information. Collect relevant data and contact information from everyone who comes to your stand. Your sales people must follow these contacts up. If no one is followed up, you might as well have not bothered.